What Is Segmenting + How Will It Organize Your Business

This article was originally written and published on Wavoto.

Segmenting is a way of organizing your customer base, and it's a critical part of any business strategy. Don't let contact lists get overwhelming - segmenting is here to help! By segmenting your contacts, you can better target your communications and improve your chances of success.

 Not sure where to start? Here's everything you need to know about segmenting your customers.

1. what segmenting is and how it can help businesses

Segmenting is simply dividing something into different parts or sections.

If you can tell me who a customer is versus someone you've just been in contact with - you just segmented part of your audience!

On Wavoto, you can do this by utilizing tags. For example, the contacts you have that are customers can be tagged "customer" and those who you are just in contact with you can be tagged "lead".
Tags are simply a way for you to segment your contacts behind the scenes so you can more accurately organize and connect with them.

This connection can come in the form of an individual, one-time email, but it can also be when sending out a newsletter or triggering an action to take place - like an automated email series.

2. examples of how segmentation has been used in the past

What kind of things would you want to tag? 

Actions they have taken: opted into a funnel, did not open an email, purchased

Interests they have: blog subscribe, newsletter subscribe, items they're interested in, things they would like to learn more about

There are countless ways businesses can take advantage of segmenting, but here are some of the most popular:

  • Market to specific groups: By segmenting your audience, you can send more targeted communications that are relevant to their needs and interests. This leads to higher engagement rates and improved conversions.

  • Improve customer service: By understanding who your customers are, you can provide them with better support. Segmenting can also help you identify issues early on and take steps to prevent them from happening again.

  • Increase sales: When done correctly, segmenting can be a powerful tool for increasing sales. By targeting communications and offers to specific groups, you can close more deals and boost your bottom line.

3. where can you utilize tags for contacts in wavoto

Using Wavoto, you can add tags manually to Contacts one by one, or add tags when you import a contact list either included in the CSV file or as a group as part of the importing process.

Tags can also be added when people fill out a form on your website, sign-up for a membership, buy a product, as well as register for a course, and complete lessons within a course.

Utilizing these tags is simple - any way you can communicate using Wavoto you can use tags! Sending a newsletter, text, or triggering an autoresponder all involve tags.

Segmenting your contacts is one of the most important things you can do for your business! It allows you to organize and grow your contact list in a way that is meaningful to you and your customers. And, as we’ve shown, it’s easy to do on Wavoto. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free trial today and start tagging your contacts!