3-Month Marketing Strategy

3-Month Marketing Strategy

Do you know what you want to achieve with your business, but aren't sure how to reach those goals? Then you're ready for a marketing strategy! 

All you need is a 2-hour one-on-one call with me and I'll get you a marketing strategy to reach 3-month goals! You won't have to wait for my strategy to get started either, you'll walk away from our call ready to get started on your marketing and even have up to 3 things you can start doing right then and there!

Whether you are an Instagram Influencer or aspire to be one, you need a marketing strategy to take your business to the next level. Let's see a bird's eye view of your business to get you on the path to success!

How does this work?

✓ Commit to your business and snag your coaching call
✓ Answer a handful of questions to make our call as effective and on-point as possible
✓ Book your call time and spend 2 hours one-on-one with me via Zoom or telephone
✓ Walk away with at least 3 actions you can take right then
✓ Receive an in-depth marketing strategy focused on your 6-month goals.

This call is specifically targeted for those ready to put the time in for their business but just need some help with the direction. Sounds like you, doesn't it? Let's stop waiting and get working together!

*You have 30 days after you place your order to complete your questionnaire and book your call.