Stacey Kaufman


Challenge: A wellness entrepreneur, faced difficulties finding her niche and effectively utilizing her limited available time for her side business.

Solution: I crafted a targeted marketing strategy centered around Stacey's passion for promoting good sleep. By creating an efficient sales funnel with a free sleep download, I helped her attract new leads and guide them towards her comprehensive Sleep Academy, ultimately transforming her side business into a thriving full-time career.

anne Francis


Challenge: A beauty entrepreneur, needed guidance in identifying consistent habits to grow her business and setting appropriate goals for generating additional income during retirement.

Solution: I collaborated with Anne to establish specific business goals and develop a marketing strategy focused on the activities that would support those objectives. Additionally, I advised her on crafting a casual, neighborly tone in her messaging, enabling her to effectively communicate about her products, their application, and the people using them.

Victoria Plekenpol


Challenge: A wellness entrepreneur, was overworked and struggled to assess the effectiveness of her marketing activities. She needed guidance in achieving work/life balance while maintaining her business's success.

Solution: I collaborated with Victoria to set goals focused on work/life balance and streamlined her marketing efforts by narrowing down activities and optimizing content creation. Furthermore, I refined her sales funnels and integrated them into her overall content distribution strategy, enabling her to maximize reach and efficiency while enjoying the fruits of her labor.


Sharon McDonald.Love


Challenge: Sharon needed assistance with designing and managing her website, as well as refining her brand to better reflect her authentic self and personality. Her initial brand was bland and her website cluttered with confusing content.

Solution: Since 2016, I have worked closely with Sharon to transform her brand, embracing vibrant colors and her genuine character. We streamlined her website, focusing on customer experience and developing content behind the scenes, ultimately creating a more impactful online presence that truly represents Sharon and her vision.

The Quirky Dog Podcast


Challenge: The podcast required a cost-effective website to host episodes, collect subscriber emails, and share new content, while being easy to manage on an ongoing basis.

Solution: I designed a clean and user-friendly website that showcases their episodes, highlights the benefits for listeners, and enables seamless subscription for new users. By choosing a web platform with a monthly cost below $20, I ensured that the website remains affordable and manageable for the podcast team.

Kozai Group


Challenge: Kozai Group, an assessment developer focused on international business and intercultural relationships, initially required assistance in managing their website. However, they also needed to simplify their website design and transform their highly academic copy into more accessible content without sacrificing its intellectual depth.

Solution: I worked with Kozai Group to streamline their website, making it more user-friendly and visually appealing. In addition, I rewrote their website copy, ensuring that the content remained intelligently presented while being easily digestible for a broader audience.

Big Hearted Breeder


Challenge: Heather, a dog and cat breeder, aimed to educate other breeders on building sustainable, full-service businesses. She needed a website that showcased her expertise and provided valuable resources for fellow breeders, including a shareable website template.

Solution: I collaborated with Heather to develop a website that positioned her as an expert in her field and offered valuable educational content for other breeders. Additionally, we created a customizable website template that Heather could easily share with her peers, further extending her influence and promoting best practices within the breeding community.




Challenge: Wavoto, an all-in-one marketing platform, required an effective onboarding process that segmented new users based on their experience, industry, and plan while educating them about various features and encouraging potential upgrades.

Solution: I designed a comprehensive onboarding process tailored to address the diverse needs of thousands of Wavoto's user base. The system effectively segmented users and provided targeted communication and education on platform features. Additionally, the onboarding process highlighted potential upgrade options, showcasing the benefits and value of each plan, thereby encouraging users to explore and consider higher-tier plans.

Sharon McDonald.love


Challenge: As a wellness entrepreneur, Sharon sought an effective customer onboarding process that educated new customers about their purchases, encouraged repeat business, introduced additional products, and maintained her authentic approach to relationship building.

Solution: I collaborated with Sharon to create a comprehensive year-long onboarding program that included a free course, emails, monthly events, free metabolic challenges, and regularly-sent postcards. This multi-faceted approach not only educated customers about their purchases and potential product interests but also ensured that Sharon's authenticity and focus on relationship building remained at the forefront of her customer interactions.


30 Day Metabolic Challenge


Challenge: Create a free 30-Day Metabolic Challenge that introduced a new product group supporting metabolic health, promoted healthy habits, and fostered community support. The challenge needed to seamlessly integrate the products into the participants' routines while maintaining their interest and engagement.

Solution: I developed a comprehensive campaign with user-friendly website registration, app integration for daily reminders and weekly lessons, and community support features. This approach effectively introduced the new product group, educated participants on its benefits, and facilitated habit formation for consistent use. The campaign's success led to its recurrence on a monthly basis, starting two months after the initial launch.

Maximizing Global Leadership Development Webinar


Challenge: The goal was to successfully launch the client's first paid webinar by setting up a marketing funnel, web payments, automated emails, handouts, and reactivating an untouched email list. The challenge involved warming up the email list and effectively promoting the webinar solely through email marketing.

Solution: I devised a strategic approach by sending a monthly, education-based newsletter for five months to warm up the email list. I then crafted three promotional emails specifically for the webinar. After the first promotional email, we reached 50% of the attendee goal, and by the time of the webinar, we had exceeded the goal by 300%. This success demonstrated the effectiveness of the email marketing strategy in promoting the client's first paid webinar.

Easily Grow doTERRA Online Webinar


Challenge: Create an engaging and persuasive presentation targeted at doTERRA Wellness Advocates focusing on educating them about growing their business online while empowering them to take action. The challenges included achieving a 30% registration rate among email recipients, ensuring at least 50% attendance, and converting 10% of attendees to join the course promoted at the end of the webinar.

Solution: I developed a captivating webinar deck and executed a targeted email marketing strategy with five promotional emails. This approach successfully reached the 30% registration goal. Moreover, we surpassed the attendance target with a 68% attendance rate and a 20% replay watch rate. Ultimately, 10% of the attendees were effectively converted to join the promoted course, demonstrating the campaign's success.


12 Weeks To Wellness Advocate


Challenge: The task was to develop a 12-week course that provided an ethical and empowering entry into network marketing for potential business partners. The challenge involved designing a simple yet engaging course structure, ensuring participants fully understood the work required and felt confident in their abilities before committing to the business.

Solution: We created an approachable and informative 12-week course, requiring just one hour per week, with lessons on the wellness company, habit-building activities, and business-focused tasks. This friendly and relatable course prepared participants for success in network marketing and allowed both the client and participants to evaluate the suitability of the partnership.

doTERRA Fast Track challenge


Challenge: Create a 6-week live course that would guide Wellness Advocates in setting up their online businesses and ranking up by the end of the year. Additionally, the challenge aimed to introduce new, committed users to my client's all-in-one marketing platform.

Solution: We developed a comprehensive and engaging course that covered essential topics such as building a website, customizing the customer journey, and managing analytics. Using a friendly and conversational tone, we provided expert guidance on website customization and offered free access to the marketing platform for 7 weeks. With 50% of students completing the course, it was deemed successful and has been repeated multiple times, attracting both new and returning students on their journey to online success.


Wavoto's Funnel Library


Challenge: Create a funnel that would not only appeal to existing platform users but also attract those seeking funnel assistance, in the hope to convert them to users. The funnel needed to feature an ever-evolving lead magnet to keep my client top of mind.

Solution: We designed an engaging and informative Funnel Library that could be effortlessly accessed and utilized on the Wavoto platform. The library included PDF downloads of every step, links to page templates, and automated email swipe files, ensuring that the funnels could be used on other platforms if necessary. This friendly and conversational approach successfully attracted both existing Wavoto users and those in need of funnel help.

Beyond The Leash Services


Challenge: The initial Beyond The Leash website had service options scattered and lacked clarity on booking processes, making it difficult for potential customers to understand how to work with the dog trainers. The goal was to design a Services page that effectively displayed all offerings and guided users through the booking process.

Solution: We developed a user-friendly Services page that not only showcased all the available services but also emphasized the importance of starting with a solutions session for each service. By highlighting the immediate training benefits of a solutions session, the new page successfully guided potential customers to pay and book their sessions, making it much easier for them to begin working with Beyond The Leash dog trainers.

7 Habits For Healthy Sleep


Challenge: After a strategy call, our client needed to narrow down their target audience and focus on sleep. The goal was to create a funnel that showcased their expertise as a natural sleep expert while providing simple, all-natural methods to improve sleep. Additionally, we aimed to convert leads into customers for the "Your Sleep Academy" program, which included individual guidance and coaching.

Solution: We designed the 7 Habits for Healthy Sleep funnel, which included an eBook, 8 engaging emails, and guidance on lead conversion. Using a friendly and informative tone, we effectively demonstrated the client's expertise in natural sleep solutions while providing practical advice for better sleep. This funnel successfully attracted potential customers to the "Your Sleep Academy" program, offering valuable guidance and coaching to help them achieve healthier sleep habits.


Finally An Email About Sharks


This was one of many engaging weekly newsletters intended to build trust with subscribers while educating them on digital marketing. Using a mix of 10-year statistics, anecdotal stories, and even playful comparisons to shark attacks, the newsletter sparks curiosity and encourages readers to dive deeper into the subject of email marketing.

Hope Givers (Accidental Success)


What made this newsletter the highest converting newsletter for the Hope Givers program was a happy accident with the subject line. Due to an unsaved change, the email platform used a dummy subject line, which piqued recipients' curiosity and led to an impressive 85% open rate. This unexpected twist contributed to the campaign's success in attracting participants to the mentorship program.