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How I Made A Meatloaf A Whole Party Devoured

Typically people don't put the word "best" before meatloaf, but I regularly hear I have the best meatloaf recipe people have ever tried. I don't understand it, I grew up eating this meatloaf, it's always been tasty- why the meatloaf hate? I still haven't had a meatloaf that is terrible (and I haven't had them all!), so if you hate meatloaf, tel...

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A Full Moon Halloween Party 9 Years in The Making

Every year I hold a Halloween party to celebrate the spooky holiday with my friends and family. Now I shouldn't say every year, but for the past 9 years on some Saturday in October I throw a dinner and some other activity to bring everyone together. When this tradition first started I was back in college, coming back from a Saturday swim meet where we we...

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Blackbird Donuts - Boston, MA

I thought I might not find a donut I like in all of New England (partly why I started this blog), and then I got wind of Blackbird Donuts on Tremont Street in Boston, Massachusetts. Tl;dr These donuts are worth the trip, especially the everything bagel donut. Price Each donut was $3, a little more than would I would expect them to be for the size...

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Marketing Trends To Watch In 2019

It's my favorite time of year, my prediction of the marketing trends to watch in 2019! With only one quarter left of the year, it becomes pretty clear which parts of marketing are going to take off in 2019 and share how you can take advantage of them.Interested in what your marketing strategy should include in 2019? Let's get into it! Short Videos (Are Back...

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Launching A New You

Launching a website is simultaneously an exciting and terrifying thing. I have launched (taken live, shared new websites - whatever you want to call it) countless websites at this point in my career and I expect I'll continue to launch more, but no matter how many websites I launch with clients or for myself (I'm on number 3 here), the nerves never dissipate...

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Should An Image Have Text On It?

Short answer: No. Long answer with an explanation that is actually helpful: No, for search engine optimization (SEO) reasons. Often when designing your site you are limited by your own knowledge because while we like to think we can do it all...we really can't. This happens a lot when designing a webpage or module that you want to look just so but don'...

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What's a Cami Bird?

A super rare, once in a lifetime person who is currently typing in the third person.

I am a multi-passionate (although I kind of hate that word) entrepreneur and marketing expertWe're who decided that instead of 5 different websites to manage (when I could barely keep two slightly active), I would combine it all!

Welcome to the chaos, folks! It may not be perfect, but hey, it's here.

Here's What You'll Find