Blackbird Donuts - Boston, MA

I thought I might not find a donut I like in all of New England (partly why I started this blog), and then I got wind of Blackbird Donuts on Tremont Street in Boston, Massachusetts.


These donuts are worth the trip, especially the everything bagel donut.


Each donut was $3, a little more than would I would expect them to be for the size ($2.50 is what I would have preferred), but they are located in high cost areas, so I imagine the cost of rent is reflected in the price per donut. Long story, short, I wouldn't turn away from these donuts because of the price.


I got four different donuts, but I'm only going to use two for this rating system, the chocolate frosted with sprinkles (my go-to staple) and the raved about everything bagel donut.

My first bite into the chocolate frosted donut and I was sold. The frosting was a perfect balance of sweet and bitter, a rich chocolate taste which you don't typically get when it comes to donuts. The donut was just on the verge of being over-proved (Paul Hollywood 100% would have critiqued it), but it was incredibly light and chewy. 

The chocolate frosted donut disappeared in minutes flat.

Now for the everything bagel donut. Originally, I thought it was a normal plain donut with everything flavoring on top, but I was wrong! They somehow cut it down the middle (bagel sliced) and spread a thin layer of cream cheese. It wasn't until I first bit into it that I noticed the additional flavor of the cream cheese, it was perfection. A donut I didn't know I needed.

The everything bagel donut makes you wonder why everything bagels even exist. If I was in Boston, craving a donut, I would go out of my way to get this one (and I actually have done just this).

Additionally, I got the salted caramel and blackcurrant, both had outstanding flavor.


You can choose between a paper bag or an inside out pizza box (of various sizes) which fit the donuts perfectly. The boxes are stamped and have a sticker placed on them with a Blackbird logo.

Inside the store, being able to see the donuts you might want to order is difficult, they are arranged in a small glass case to the side of the counter to order. They do have them listed on a board, but if you're like me and very visual, you need to see what you're ordering. However, in the display case, each donut is clearly labelled, so when you can see the donuts, you can easily decide which ones to order.


This was a challenge because, frankly, I wanted to eat all the donuts that day, I kept going back to get another bite.

The everything bagel donut did not make it to the next day, but the chocolate frosted did. Sadly, longevity is not something Blackbird donuts deliver (at least in the raised donuts), it was very dry and not worth eating. That being said, I highly doubt you'll even have leftover donuts.

Blackbird donuts may be lacking in ease of ordering and next day flavor, but where it really matters, their donuts, they knock it out of the park. All the other factors in the donut rating system certainly matter, but Blackbird donuts taste and consistency almost make the rest null and void.

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